Cokoa's Journey

A fable with 7 steps about how to effectively manage change and let go by international change expert

Darren L Johnson

Thought provoking, realistic, and powerful.

"I definitely recommend Cokoa's Journey! It is one ebook I will read over and over again." - S. Hayden

Cokoas Journey

"...a story of the age old inner struggle of choosing love in the face of fear." - K. Stewart

Nikki in Cokoa's Journey

Who is Nikki?

As Cokoa transforms during his journey, he meets his nemesis... Nikki.

Nikki is the most colorful character in the story. Strong and unapologetic, Nikki challenges Cokoa to be better

by forcing him to look inside his soul - almost every day. Every time he is challenged, he finds greater strength and inspiration.

Cokoas Journey Ebook for all ages

An Ebook for all ages.

The Premise...

Learn more about who is Cokoa as his story unfolds in this fable.

The life lessons learned by Cokoa will benefit any person in any walk of life - at any age.

There is power in working through our internal STUFF that often gets in the way of our hopes and dreams

Who is Pepe - Cokoas Journey

Who is Pepe?

In every story of triumph and challenge, there is always that leader who is the embodiment of sage wisdom.

Along his journey Cokoa meets Pepe, who lives as a vagabond on the beach.

Things are not always as they appear as Pepe becomes Cokoa's mentor and friend.

"Cokoa's Journey is a wonderful story with a Journey of self-transformation tucked inside. I would like for my son to read this story...." - ELisha Valentine

About the Author

Darren L Johnson is a dad, speaker, change expert, and consultant who has 25+ years of experience supporting others on how to effectively lead and manage change at the individual and organizational levels.

He is also author of the Letting Go of Stuff ebook series and host of the Letting Go Cafe podcast featuring conversations with experts and others on how they manage change.

Cokoa's Journey Offers:

• 7 steps for how to effectively let go

• Secrets to relationship building

• How to apply the Self Managing Grid™

• An approach for managing toxic friends

Cokoas Journey



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